Are your pearls real?

There is really about pearls that exudes simplicity, femininity and beauty.  It so regal, pure, and sophisticated.

But how can you tell if those pearls are real? My mom taught me two ways to identify the real from fake. Let’s start.

A word of caution: this first method will gross you out, I know.  Ok, here it goes – all you need is a set of bright, white teeth!  Just bite onto to a pearl and if it feels gritty and grainy on your teeth, then you’ve got yourself a real saliva-casted gem! I would advise you though that this is not recommended to be done in jewelry stores. Imagine how many dagger-looks you’ll get!

The second method is definitely a sanitary one – rub two pearls together.


With the pearls scratched, wipe it out with your finger.  The pearl should remain smooth and the scratch gone.


If you see a friend wearing pearls, please promise me that you will not be tempted to bite on it, okay?



  1. I love pearls. I truly think they are a timeless piece of accessory that exudes a lot of class. These are great tips on finding out how genuine they are. Promise I will only do this for my pearls and not others! haha

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