Around the world in minutes!

Entertaining kids is really a challenge but I have recently discovered Google Street View (yes, I just learned about it now and, yes, I have been living on a Jurassic era for quite sometime)!  A colleague told me of this and I immediately searched for places that would be interesting for my two cuties.  I have to say, they love it!  Our “visits” are just fun and my son keeps on asking me where will we “go” next.

As fun as it is, I have to share with you the list of our favorites so far. Talk about roaming the world in half a day!

Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Enjoy the view aboard a Rhaetian Railway train. Breathtaking!

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Finding Nemo gets to mind when we visit this place. 

Amazon Rainforest, Brazil

Experience the ultimate outdoors by virtually visiting the Amazon in Brazil! You can visit either the forest or the river or both.

Liwa Desert, United Arab Emirates

Be smitten by the camels!  Imagine, we are visiting this fascinating desert in an airconditioned room.

Loch Ness, Scotland

I told my little ones about the alleged monster’s sightings in the place.  What’s also interesting with this place is that it is said that it never freezes! Cool fact.

Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Need I say more?

Grand Canal, Italy

Roam this place aboard a gondola!

Lamborghini Museum, Italy

What makes this museum awesome is that you can go inside the cars. My boy enjoys this so much!

 Smithsonian Museum, Washington, DC

We’ve only seen this in the Night at the Museum movie but now, we have access from 1st til 4th floor!

White House, Washington DC

Who wouldn’t like to take a peek at this grand residence?!

Count Dracula’s Castle (Bran Castle), Romania

This much less spooky than we expected.

Taj Mahal, India

Amazing architecture and amazing love story behind the structure!

Eiffel Tower, France

You can see the tower, up close and personal, uh, virtual!

Machu Pichu

I have received a lot of questions from my kids on this but Wikipedia was my partner!

San Diego Zoo, California

This where we usually go to often.  Click on it and you’ll know why…

That’s all we have so far. How about you, any other Street View favorites that you can suggest?


  1. This is one of the things that helps you appreciate technology more. I love that you can check these places out and actually seeing what they look like!

  2. I’ve never used this feature for anything serious, normally I would use it to just explore places! Lol. I think it’s awesome that google has decided to do this though, it’s really helpful especially for tourists.

  3. How fun is that! Great post and so much fun to watch the video’s I used to watch the travel channel a lot before I started traveling myself and this is wonderful for people who want to or planning to travel.

  4. This is an awesome idea. I wish I would have thought to do this when my children were younger. You really do feel like you’ve been there. I enjoyed the trip! 🙂

  5. I loved this post! I was able to explore Machu Pichu! It has always been a dream for me to visit this place. To be able to stand there, in a place once thriving and alive with people is just surreal.

  6. This is a pretty great list. I think it is amazing. Taj naval is a place I really love. It is a great display of beauty. Everything about the place is just perfect.

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