Effective remedy for hiccups

What’s the best remedy for hiccups?  I’ve tried it all – from the funniest down to the sweetest! Let me tell it to you…

  1. Cut a loose thread from the clothes you are wearing, roll it into a ball, wet it, and place on your forehead. An old wives tale and many claimed it works, especially on babies! I tried it just to test if it works, but I tell you it didn’t! But if you want to entertain the people around you while you are having those nasty hiccups, then be my guest!
  2. Place a tiny piece of paper n your forehead. And how should it stick? Lick the paper first, of course! Unsanitary but entertaining to see.  Do you ask if it works? No.
  3. Eat a spoonful of sugar and drink a glass of water. Easy to do, sweet, and totally not good for people limiting their sugar intake!
  4. Drink big gulps of water. I did this until I’m bloated but the hiccups are still there.
  5. Hold your breath. Hold it…
  6. Drink carbonated drinks like Sprite or 7up. Makes me burp, that’s for sure. Oh, and the hiccups? Doing a sweet duet with the burps!

Needless to say, these old wives tales do not work for me and for all those I know.  But! I have this one tip that I have personally tried and tested and it is as easy as 1-2-3! Here it goes:

  1. Pinch your nose
  2. Hold your breath
  3. Swallow your saliva three times

With my little boy, this remedy takes effect after a second try.  For me and others who have tried it, it definitely works instantly. Why not give it a try when those annoying hiccups attack?!  Let me know how it works for  you.hack-stamp


  1. I’ve heard of all those remedies. The thread on the forehead never works! But the sugar water does work sometimes.
    When I get the hiccups, what I do is fill a glass with water, bend over, and drink the whole glass in this position. It never fails.

  2. Nice! I hate having the hiccups haha. Once I have it on a day, it keeps returning the text of the day. I’ll be sure to try this out.

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