Finger Mathemagic!

My dad taught me this math trick and with this technique, reaching for calculator is no longer necessary when multiplying numbers more than 5. This makes multiplication more exciting for me!  And what’s more interesting is that I only need my two hands!  Now let’s begin…

When multiplying numbers from 6 until 10, use this mental count on your hands:


Then add the lower fingers and multiply it by 10:2

Next, get the product of the upper fingers:3Simply add the numbers and, voila!4

Here is the method for multiplying numbers from 11-15:



From 16 to 20:

Here’s for numbers 21-25:

Then, for numbers 26 to 30:

In summary:

This is one technique that I will definitely pass on to my little ones!  How about you, what other math tricks can you share?


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