Matchstick – Odor Eliminator

I was told by a dear friend that a matchstick can cover up stink.  So I went to try it, uhm, in the toilet to test its effectiveness. Guess what, it really works!

Here’s what I did:

I struck a stick on the box.  And, yeah, that’s practically all I ever did!  As soon as the stick burst into flame and smoked, I put it out.  The “starting” smoke is what covers the foul smell. However, if you are in a bigger space, you may want to strike 2-3 sticks at a time.


Just a note of caution, dip the stick in the water to make sure that the tip is no longer burning before putting it in the trash.

Compared to air fresheners, a matchbox only costs about P3.00! What else can I say?

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