Memorize multiples of 8 through a story

Just like multiples of nine, my dad taught me the multiples of eight through this story.

There was a little girl named Juana.

One day, Juana was asked to buy a fish for lunch. Juana agreed enthusiastically but her mom instructed her to be back in 30 counts.  You see, Juana is so playful that she needs reminding of how long she should be out or else she will forget about the fish and will just play all day!

Off to market, Juana went counting from zero and she abruptly stopped at four.


She stopped because she asked herself why four is called four.  What is it for?  Oh well, she thought, she might as well just continue counting with another four.  She reached the market by the count of eight.picture8

She bought the fish and got distracted with playing that she forgot the time.  It was nearly noon when she remembered her promise to her mom that she will be home by the count of 30.   So to make a quicker count going back, she counted in the multiples of two — starting with 0, 2, 4, 6, 8. And repeating it again until she reached home on the 2nd count of 8.


Yes, the story doesn’t make sense but it served its purpose — it helped me memorize the multiples of 8!  Please get pen and paper and let’s see if you remember it right.  So, how did it go?


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