Memorize multiples of nine

Growing up, my dad really put much effort in making me learn Math as fun as possible.  He taught me one of the many strategies — a story on the multiples of nine. Here’s how his story goes:

One day, Juan got hungry and decided to go downstairs to the kitchen to get some food.  You see, he is very scared of using the stairs on his own.  His mom told him to count each step to ease his fear. Now from the landing of the stairs, he started with 0.  Then he stepped down counting from 1 to 9 until he reached the last step.picture4After Juan ate his snacks, he went up again and did the same thing.  He started with 0 from the stair’s landing and counted 1 to 9 until he reached the last step upstairs.picture5And there goes your multiples of nine!

However, if you need a technique that will help you do quick multiples of nine computations a la calculator, check out this post. But before you click on that post, let me know how this technique goes for you.

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