Remove ink stains with toothpaste

Toothpaste can be used to remove ink stains on any surface, as I have read.  So tried it on different surfaces to see if it’s a blanket remedy to permanent marker stains.

This method was tried first on a wooden wall and here is what happened:


Next is on a rubber coaster.   I was really (REALLY!) confident that this will work but here is the result:


What was I thinking, right?! Well, blame it on a no-caffeine week!

Then, on a plastic handheld telephone.


Why not on a book, too?!  I tried it on a book with a glossy book cover.


To add another book, I tried it on my daughter’s favorite PVC cloth book.


And on a leather wallet.  The ink smeared a bit and the writing wasn’t completely removed though I applied and wiped several times.


What about on a metal surface, you say?


And yes, I have tried it on a capiz shell coaster as well! I’m sure that if I put in a little more elbow grease, the ink will be removed completely but since this is the bottom part of the coaster, I wouldn’t mind…


On tiles, it’s a no-brainer but I still tried it…


All in all, the performance of the toothpaste in removing permanent and ballpoint ink stains is remarkable!




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