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Ok, ok, I know everyone knows this already except me. From-the-Jurassic-era me.  I heard about Google Places before but I have not really tried it yet, not until now.

The other day, I was daydreaming about going to Guam.  Since I strongly believe in the law of attraction, I started doing the groundwork.  A good friend told me that the Grand Plaza Hotel is a really nice place to stay in and so the next in the agenda is to look for places to chow. I typed in “restaurants near Grand Plaza Hotel Guam” and the search results are really uhhhmazing!


When I pressed on the More places icon, it resulted to the image below.  It also indicates if the establishment is already closed based on the time you’ve searched.  Since I’ve searched a few minutes before midnight here (Guam is two hours ahead), some of the restos were already closed.


I chose the Wagaya 88 Korean Restaurant and it gives me the information about the place, including ratings, comments, and pictures.


When the Directions button was pressed, here’s what I’ve found – information on all modes of transportation, including walking!
This map also indicates how long it would take me to get there  – which is just about a minute walk from the hotel!

Next place to look for are the shopping areas! One thing’s for sure, near or far, they would definitely be visited!hack-stamp

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