Tipster Friday: Delay ripening/deterioration of fruits and veggies

Since my mom and sister-in-law looooves gardening, we always visit the Flower and Garden Show here in Laguna.

This year, both of them really enjoyed it in the show that I have to wait for hours for them to finish! Yes, you read it right — it took them hours to buy a trunk-full of plants. While waiting for them, my attention was caught by this interesting poster and I couldn’t help but share it with you.  However, my apologies for the blurred photo.


This poster was written by the Postharvest and Seed Science Division of the University of the Philippines-Los Banos. Here’s what it says:

  • Storage of tomato in moist coir dust delays ripening by two weeks
  • On-plant storage of tomato delays deterioration by three months
  • Evaporative cooling using banana bracts delays ripening and wilting by two weeks
  • Use of ethylene adsorbent delays ripening in banana, papaya and tomato; delays yellowing in vegetables; and delays deterioration on orchids
  • Waxing using coconut oil or lard (hydrogenated coconut oil) delays deterioration of eggplants by two weeks
  • Waxing using coconut oil or lard (hydrogenated coconut oil) delays deterioration of cucumber by 5-7 days

Should you have an edible garden with more than enough harvest or just overbought vegetables and fruits, this is definitely handy to know!

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