Tipster Friday: Glass bottle lamps

Wine bottles. Just what do we do with them after consuming all its content? I have long been saving those bottles in hope that one day I will be bitten by a creative bug and turn those into useful pieces.  And, yes you are right, that creative bug is nowhere to be found until now.

But when I visited Dapitan Arcade in Manila, a lightbulb lighted over my head –  literally and figuratively! One store offers different lamps made from recycled wine bottles.  They have clever ideas and just look at what they have to offer:

Hanging lamps:

Table-top lamps:20160925_102728

Wall lamps:20160925_102634

Chandelier-type lamps:20160925_102802

One of these days, I will definitely do this.  And when I do, I will keep you posted. But until then, those bottles will just have to wait before they can have their much-awaited make-over!

How about you, what do you usually do with your wine bottles?

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