There is more to one

I have been out of the blogosphere lately – three weeks to be exact! It may sound funny but I was considering giving up blogging.  Don’t get me wrong, I love doing it – discovering new tips and tricks, getting my hands dirty and documenting it here!  But after putting in those long hours and seeing my site’s stats, it just doesn’t feel right.  With usually a view or two a day, it pretty much discouraged me.

Today is a different story…

Listening to Gary Vaynerchuk’s course on Building a Personal Brand via Udemy got me all pumped up!  His motto one is greater than zero is truly an eye-opener.  That one viewer, yes that is you, means that somehow I am making a difference.  It all starts with one view!

The few months that I have been blogging got me so self-conscious about the likes, shares, and views that I forgot what really got me here – my passion in making life and things easier with those tips and tricks and sharing it to others.  I am more than those likes or shares — or the lack of it, as it happens in my case.

I realized that not everyone is given a gift of knowing what their passions are but I exactly knew mine –  this littlemisstips blog!

No turning back now, never giving up.  I will just keep on following my heart, doing what I love, and giving it a hundred percent! You’ll definitely see more of me – Little Miss Tips in action!

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