Thumbs up on dinner etiquette

During formal dining events, I have to admit that I’ve had my share of boo boos. One of the more common things I’ve done was stealing my table-mate’s dinner roll and/or beverages. Well, they were never intentional, just plain naivete on my part. But that was before a friend in the food industry taught me a trick.

Now, let’s start! Do you know how to do a thumbs up? Yes? Then you are good to go!

Facing your table, do a double thumbs up like this:

Your left hand forms a letter B for where your bread is. And your right hand forms a letter D, for drinks.picture5If you do this in a less subtle way, the waiter might just think that you are really enjoying their food, even without tasting it yet.

After knowing this trick, I am confident that none of my dinner seatmates will ever lose their rolls or drinks again.  Yup, not unless their other seatmate is not aware of this yet!hack-stamp


  1. I love simple hacks such a these. Thankfully, dinner etiquette was taught to us as young children even in school. Not sure if they still do it nowadays but I think it is very important

  2. Good to know! I don’t have formal diners very often. So it’s a good thing I’m prepared now. I knew your drink is on the right. But didn’t know about the bread being on the left!

  3. Ahh! This has got to be the coolest, helpful hack EVER! I´ve been embarassed before when the table was set close and I accidentally tooks what wasnt mine 🙁

  4. Fine dining is tricky and you really have to know all the basics especially since you might end up eating someone else’s bread. I really appreciate this hack!

  5. I didn’t really go to many formal events in my life so I had no idea that you can mistakenly take someone else’s drink. You found a great way of remembering which is which on the table, and what belongs to you. Great tip! 🙂

  6. Haha oh my goodness I never thought of this! Love this tip! Sometimes when you’re out at an event nerves can creep up and you forget things like this.

  7. I’ve always known which goes where – had one subject back in junior high that was all about etiquette. We had this class for 1 year. The BD trick is definitely a good hack if one forgets.

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