TIPSTER FRIDAY: Turn paper pages with rubber band

I have witnessed many (and I mean MANY!) people lick their fingers to help turn the pages of a book.  Imagine if the book they were reading will be given to you for free – yes, FOR FREE!  That is after they turned every page of that book with finger-licking fun!

Anyway, before I gross you out.  I have visited a government office that receives and checks all paper requirements and I noticed that at the tip of their pens were rubber bands that looked like this:img_2248

They used it to turn the document pages. Yes, good news – no one licks their fingers there! I can’t imagine if they were doing otherwise and they have to return the documents to me should I have incomplete submissions!

It can indeed help with the traction plus you can be as creative with the color combinations of the rubber bands!img_2244



  1. I hate when someone licks their finger to turn the pages! Gross!
    I’ve seen these rubber bands pens too, such an interesting way to use it 🙂

  2. I would have never thought of wrapping a pen with a rubber band like that. Very creative use of office supplies 🙂

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