Use hair conditioner to polish leather shoes

I’ve read before that hair conditioners not only works well on hair, it can also be used as a shoe polisher.  And so I thought, why not try it on my little boy’s shoes!

This shoes was used for over 3 months and now it looked like this:


But with a little dab of my hair conditioner and letting it stay for about 5 minutes…


… wiping off the conditioner…


… and buffing with a brush while whistling…


…the shoes transformed from drab to fab!




  1. huh, good idea, Love this and the shoes look great! Hair conditioner has a lot of uses these days. I had my car egged once and it was pretty bad, I used hair conditioner to get it off and it worked really well for that too!

  2. Oh! What an awesome alternative to shoe polish when you don’t have one. Especially when you’re out traveling and you need to shine your shoes! Thanks for the hack!

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